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Larry:  I have a mil gauge "Pro Gauge II"  which is used to  measure paint 
thickness.  It's just a magnet on a spring...  You touch  it to the panel & 
pull it away.  It snaps off at the mil  thickness.  I'll bring it with me to 
Monterey & we can see how bad a  "bondo bomber" you have.
Bill Harris  
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Some  of you in Reno no doubt noticed the dented section on the driver's 
door of  2511.

Small garages, rolling carts, and wayward bench-top drill presses  do not 
play well with Panteras.  :-(

The really troubling issue  for 2511 is the paint is a metallic. Couldn't 
ask for a more impossible  paint
to try and get a good match. I do however have maybe 8 ounces of the  paint 
well-stored and sealed.

Amazingly there was no paint scratching,  but there is a six inch long 
crack in the paint just above the
top body  line edge on the door - the edge 2" from the window. Randy Grubb 
wisely  suggested that
crack could be addressed by camouflaging it with a thin  body-line pin 
stripe, an idea I think will do just fine.

I've done some  research on paintless dent removal (PDR) and it appears the 
results can be  amazing.
Randy cautioned that if there is Bondo in the damaged area, that  can 
interfere  in the PDR process,
and sadly Quella (who did 2511) is  known for using a skim coat of Bondo in 
his restoration process. I am
a bit  pessimistic the cracking is an indicator of Bondo, but no real way 
of  knowing.

I believe our vintage cars are a heavier gauge metal than the  current crop 
and that alone may be a concern?
There are also no doubt  different PDR processes and equipment providers. 
Since I really probably only  get
one shot at doing this right, I'd like my choice to be as well  qualified 
and researched as possible.

My question to all of you is what  should I look for in selecting a 
craftsman to perform the  repair?




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