[DeTomaso] FW: Concorso Italiano Exhibitor Ticket For Sale

B. Seib oldwheel at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 10 18:22:28 EDT 2011

Hi Garth
I'm quite certain there is no way you are going to hit oil from that wear
bruise. The bore for that long stud doesn't connect to oil inside the cover.
I think you could just safely ignore it.

Garth Rodericks garth_rodericks at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 16:32:17 CDT 2011

What do you think about that gouge (wear mark) from the parking brake cable
on the bottom of my ZF case, right where the long side cover bolts go
through the case?  I was thinking of taking it down to Tom to weld that
spot up - just concerned that it might be thin there and wouldn't want
it to rupture and leak out the gear oil while on the road.  Do you think
that's a good idea, or am I being overly concerned and likely to create
other problems by welding on the case?


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