[DeTomaso] DeTomaso Digest, Vol 85, Issue 3- Oil changes

RCBSONS1 at aol.com RCBSONS1 at aol.com
Wed Aug 3 18:11:55 EDT 2011

I agree that we don't really drive the Pantera
that much for oil cleaners.... I also believe
that before I go hammer it on the track 
it gets, Fresh Oil, Fresh Zf Oil, new plugs,
Run the Valves and most importantly and
overlooked is a fresh or cleaned Air Filter
I have a 4" tall cleanable oval K&N and 
cannot believe how quickly it gets dirty
in the vacuum dust sucking area it is housed
I know by looking at my black car and then
even more by cleaning the filter
Bob Benson #3 Black Pantera
way to go fast Will!!!

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