[DeTomaso] ZDDP - is this stuff any good?

Ken Green kenn_green at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 28 23:55:29 EDT 2010

Here is the Amsoil product:
Looks like it has the zinc you want.  I think everyone who uses much signs up as a dealer to get a good price.  I was always happy in the past with Amsoil but haven't used it for a while, I don't know if anything has changed?.

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>Dear Jim, Here is the link to the FAQ section of ZDDPlus HQ. I can't find the exact concentration, but they mention the percentage of zinc in solution is about three times higher than GM EOS, which used to be the most (?) common zinc additive. http://www.zddplus.com/index.htm#ZPlus_vs_GM_EOS_Dosing Warmest regards, Chuck Engles
What is the concentration of ZDDP in the solution?You want about 1300-1500 ppm in the final oil, IIRC.too much can actually be bad. Jim Oddie

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Dear Charlie,FWIW, that is what I use. I am in the process of converting to Mobile 1 20-50, which used to have ZDDP in it. However, that is no longer reliably true and I may be spiking it with a snort of ZDDPlus. I think it would be as good as the other similar products on the market.Warmest regards, Chuck Engles---- Charles McCall <charlesmccall at gmail.com> wrote:> Is this what we need for flat tappet engines?>> http://www.zddpus.com/>>>> Is there any data to suggest that this product is any better or worse than> any other product?>>>> (International shipping is only 10 bucks.)>>>> Thanks!>>>> Charles McCall>> 1985 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S #9375>> "Raising Pantera Awareness Across Europe">> <http://www.poca.com/index.php/gallery/?g2_itemId=2323>> http://www.poca.com/index.php/gallery/?g2_itemId=2323>>>> _______________________________________________>> Detomaso Forum Managed by POCA>> Archive Search Engine Now Available at
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