[DeTomaso] DeTomaso Digest, Vol 72, Issue 27- Windsor-180's

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Tue Jul 27 17:20:35 EDT 2010

It is a Dart iron block based on a Windsor
has 4 bolt inside mains, 2 bolt outside with billet caps- same as sportsman 
It does have beefed up areas for the lifters, larger
mass around the cylinders, extra webbing inside,
I think it weighs more than a Cleveland even though
its outside dimensions are smaller.. the mains are
smaller same as a Cleveland so reving is better
The brodix track 1 heads are an iron version of the
old SVO iron heads... they were ported and flowed 330 cfm
Scat crank, La billet rods the longest you can put inside over 6 inches
Stroke is 3.75 bore 4.125 which is standard for a Dart block
roller rockers 1.7 ratio, iskey solid lifters with pressure hole in center
comp cam 6.25 exhaust... 6.10 intake at 50%
duration is 251/248
commietic nascar head gaskets, manley ss severe duty valves
which are a step above race.. titanium retainers
compression is 9.8 to 1 although I do put 30% race gas when
I track it to lube the valves... 110 octane leaded mixed with 91
timing is 36 degrees at 2800, motor is internally balanced, fully 
sfi balanceer, alum flywheel 
victor jr manifold and 830 nascar holley with I believe 90 or 92 jets now
Redline is suppose to be 7500 rpm but we decided to keep
a 6800 pill in it so it will last longer....it is designed to be a 60-80
hour motor when tracked.. I figure I have 24 hours on it now but
will more than likely tear it down before the 60 hours
Heads have new springs 2 years back with a valve job
IT SPINS UP REAL QUICK- but it is just a small block Ford
Bob Benson #3 Black Pantera

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