[DeTomaso] N Serious PC: New Lic Plate

Mike Murray mjm at knology.net
Tue Jul 13 15:04:50 EDT 2010

I went with the Spanish-Argentinean side of the equation with  EL GATO. Mike 
Charleston, S.C.

Mike Murray
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>I just finished this exercise of brainstorming with a couple of dear
> friends, one from the list. We came up with several good ideas and leads. 
> I
> thought it would be neat to incorporate the Italian slant. Even though the
> "lay person" may not catch it, I'm not sure its important  to me. and
> PERSONALLY....just my opinion, I don't prefer the ones that are so obvious
> as PANTERA, or your name or initials...I mean who needs to put VETTE on 
> the
> back of a vette? I dunno, just my opinion, I'm sure many people do, its 
> just
> not my thing.
> STALKER, POUNCE,...and....fluffy. just kidding about the fluffy. I also
> thought about the whole "nine lives" theme...LIFENO9, etc, because my car
> has been so far dead it might have taken all its lives to comeback....lol.
> anyway, I love the creativity behind the "right" personal plate...and I
> prefer them to have a double meaning...my Sunbeam Tigers plate says
> "SABR2TH"....because of obviously the aggressive predator and type of 
> Tiger,
> and also its historic and extinct nature...
> fun stuff to pay with.....
> Cullen
> 3925 Project Rust Bucket
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