[DeTomaso] NPC: 10K Convertible Wanted

cullen mccann clarkwgriswold2nd at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 11:18:54 EDT 2010

granted I'm biased, but I love my Sunbeam Tiger...they have a similar
following to the Pantera crowd and the whole "European coachwork with ford
motor" theme...definitely holding their value or increasing. Don't know if
that classifies as entry level, they can be kinda pricey sometimes...similar
to P-cars I suppose, not usually quite as expensive. Definitely parts arent
as expensive, but ironically the initial project car costs arent that far


Subject: [DeTomaso] NPC: 10K Convertible Wanted

I have a friend looking for an entry level convertible that he can use to
start a collection and work on himself, thus no computers onboard.
I've suggested cars that will retain value and be relatively easy to wrench
on when needed such as. TR4, TR6, Spitfire, MGB, AH Sprite, Chevy Corvair,
914 2.0,
(no interest in a Mazda Miata and no Fiats). I hesitated to suggest an Alfa
becuase of the cost of parts.
For the sake of his wife, I've sold a reasonable selection as being superior
to a Bank CD at 2%, so whatever it is needs to be something that retains or
grows in value
and won't cost a fortune to maintain. It should be fairly complete and ready
to ride, he's capable of minor mechanicals and interior mods if needed.

Any other ideas,

Michael Shortt

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