[DeTomaso] Speedometer Repair/Rebuilt Cont.

Myron Zadony MZadony at fleetresponse.com
Thu Jul 8 10:54:35 EDT 2010

Thanks to everybody for the referral of Palo Alto Speedometer.  My installer is going to send it out to them.  A different problem has occurred.  He has my speedo & I drove the car back home.  I noticed that my AMP gauge was left of center (0).  Every time I stepped on the brakes, it went more left of center.  Thank God that I didn't have to use my lights.  Is the charging circuit through to speedo system??  I know that the GEN light is there.  Can he send me the wiring part of the harness clip that goes to the speedo, so I could put it on & will the charging circuit work??  Thanks in advance, Myron (the other guy in Cleveland) #6928 74 L.  PS.  I have to drive to Canton OH on Sat for a car show 128 mi round trip.

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