[DeTomaso] Wanted: Holley Fuel Bowl Fittings for 5/16" Line- center pivot bowls.

steven.liebenow at att.net steven.liebenow at att.net
Wed Jul 7 00:15:33 EDT 2010


Before I spend the medium bucks, figured I'd ask and see what people have lying about that they would like to turn into cash!  ...not much cash....but more than you had prev....!

I need two of the large fuel bowl fittings for the center pivot bowls, that will take an inverted flare 5/16" line.   I believe the thread size is for a 1/2"-20  and the OD of the line is 5/16".

They aren't terribly popular, as most bowls come set up for the monster 3/8" line, but since I really don't need to store fuel in my lines like Ol' Smokey Yunick, the smaller will work better, plus I can bend new lines with my hand bender......but I am glad I'm not looking for 1/4" fittings!!! Their price for a pair is one quarter the price of a new carb!!!!!

These are for the Goose....getting closer!!! Down to fuel line bending and changing the jets in the carb!!!!  Bolted on the intake this weekend, and just dropped in the distributor and bolted up the oil pan tonight!!!  List is getting shorter.....by the minute!


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