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My dropped floor pans are 2" front and rear with a 25" bottom front to back and about 19.25 left to right. The front and rear drop is angled so the opening at original floor level is larger than the 25" bottom. The seats are on stock type slides and adjustable for and aft.
The bottom is the same level as the curved frame areas behind front wheels.
Bud #3400

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> I've sat in Roger's car (like 10 years ago or so) and it was comfortable, 
> and had plenty of headroom.
Its been awhile, but I think his drop is 1-1/2" at the front & 2-1/2" at 
the back. The back end of the seat pan bottom   is almost level with the 
bottom of the rocker panel. But with your height, I really doubt if you need 
dropped pans; slotting the seat-back mounts so as to change the rake of the back 
makes quite a difference with stock floors. "Course, you need to start with 
stock early two-piece seats to do this.... Good luck- J DeRyke

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