[DeTomaso] Dropped Pans

JDeRyke at aol.com JDeRyke at aol.com
Tue Jul 6 00:27:14 EDT 2010

In a message dated 7/5/10 8:31:54 PM, asajay at asajay.com writes:

> I've sat in Roger's car (like 10 years ago or so) and it was comfortable, 
> and had plenty of headroom.
Its been awhile, but I think his drop is 1-1/2" at the front & 2-1/2" at 
the back. The back end of the seat pan bottom   is almost level with the 
bottom of the rocker panel. But with your height, I really doubt if you need 
dropped pans; slotting the seat-back mounts so as to change the rake of the back 
makes quite a difference with stock floors. "Course, you need to start with 
stock early two-piece seats to do this.... Good luck- J DeRyke

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