[DeTomaso] windshield problem

JDeRyke at aol.com JDeRyke at aol.com
Tue Jul 6 00:15:02 EDT 2010

FWIW Justin, I replaced my windshield myself (twice- rocks), and it doesn't 
leak even if driven in thunderstorms. I re-used   the OEM '72 gasket both 
times, and also sealed the gasket edges AFTER putting the assembly in. It 
seems significantly more difficult sealing it before the gasket & glass are   
in place. You lift up the outer flap of the gasket and squirt windshield 
silicone under with the silicone nozzle trimmed for a small opening, all the way 
around and as far across the top as you can reach. Let it set for an hour 
and clean-up is a simple wipe-off. Not too late to try this- Good luck- J 

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