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Well, this car has been down since 1985!!! It was bought in a box without
gearbox and engine and a lot missing parts. I made the body work 1988 and
it was put in storage until 2004 when it was painted. Peder will be
driving the car as an old man for the first time, which was not his
intention from the beginning. A lot of his friends do not even think he
really HAS a Pantera.
We will se what they look like when he show up in his car...

> Goran
> Congrats, it is a very satisfying feeling when the plan comes together.  I
> just wrapped up Bill's restoration and it is very pleasing to have
> everything working.  Total time was about 15 months and this included
> taking
> it down to stripped chassis and ~4 months at the painters.  Redesigned the
> cooling, electrical, and AC. Of course rebuilt everything.  We are simply
> waiting on the wheels at this point.
> On his car, I mover the condenser upfront.  I tested it last weekend on a
> drive from Orville Burg's house on the otherside of town.  In midday Texas
> heat and humidity, the system fueled with R-134 blew air at a steady 38
> degrees.  Nirvana!!
> JT
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>> At last I could fire up the engine  in Peder's car for the first time.
>> He
>> does not know about that this himself, so it will be good news. I am not
>> pleased with the mufflers, they are to loud and metallic harsh in the
>> sound. The tip pipes is empty, so I should put some absorption stuff in
>> there.
>> Now we are awaiting the front and rear hoods from painting. A number of
>> small details like push button, door stops, brake adjustments, clutch
>> fluid, front grill fabrication, and things remain to be fixed.
>> Goran
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