[DeTomaso] 03/04 Viper

Keith R. Verges KVERGES at figdav.com
Thu Jul 1 12:43:12 EDT 2010

Lurking douchebag Viper-owning digest mode user here

Since I still lurk I thought I'd mention my personal Viper experience.  
I have owned 5 including an '03. As long as you do not track the car  
it will be mechanically very robust and you should have zero problems.  
The oil sump is defectively designed and will oil starve in long high- 
g left turns. MotorSport Ranch has eaten a few and nearly ate mine but  
I noticed oil pressure and shut it down before I had damage and  
eventually got rid of the car for that reason. I am on the extreme end  
of driver and don't expect anyone to have a similar issue.

The 03 is also a bargain but is the least-loved of the Vipers. I still  
have my 01 GTS as I think it is perhaps the most classic domestic car  
produced in the last 25 years and the Gen II Vipers are holding value  
or even starting to appreciate.

A good resource is viperclub.org for all manner of information on the  

Personally I would either buy a Gen I or II (1992-2002) car as they  
are better looking to me and will hold value better.  If buying a  
later car I would buy a 2008 or later as they have 600 hp and the oil  
sump is revised. These cars are simply the fastest street car you can  

Finally the owner better know how to drive. The cars do not have  
electronic nannies and they have far less understeer than most  
domestic cars. They are Vipers and they will bite

Back to woodwork .....

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