[DeTomaso] 03/04 Viper NPC

Kirby Schrader kirby.schrader at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 09:10:52 EDT 2010

I'll weigh into the fray here....

I have driven a Viper. Lemme' see now... probably back in 2000 or so.
It was not a convertible.
I drove down the road about a mile and a half, tried brakes, acceleration,
zipped around a couple of corners and took it back to the guy who offered it
to me for a drive.

Got out and he said, tell me truthfully what you think of it.
I said I'd take my Pantera ANY day over it.
Heavy. Felt like my old '64 Ford.
Handled better than the old Ford, but the Pantera is _so_ much better.
Very front end heavy. Easy to get the rear out where you don't want it.
Brakes I thought were very marginal.
Rattled and banged like an old Corvette.
Had lots of torque.
The sound sucks. Some like it. I think it sucks. it doesn't roar. It buzzes.
I'm 6'2" and I felt like I could barely see over the damned hood.
Couldn't stand the car.
Never had the desire to drive one or want one since.


On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 22:49, Jeff Udelson <jefude at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Will,
> I have always liked the early Vipers. To me they were modern day Cobras.
> Crude with monster motors and at the time very unique styling.
> I could not afford 2 “toys" (still can't) but actually considered selling
> my Pantera to buy a Viper. My thought process was that the Viper would be
> more dependable and I would really enjoy the open top. After much thought I
> decided to keep the Pantera. What has always drawn me to the Pantera (my
> first in the 70s and #4134 for 16 years) is the car’s timeless styling and
> unique personality. Pantera's just have "soul”. Even that very unique smell
> of "plethora that comes with a 35 + year old vinyl interior. The sound of
> the Cleveland is truly fantastic.  All this adds up to why I own a Pantera
> and always will.
> Now all this said "if" I could keep the Pantera and afford another "toy" a
> Viper would be on my list. Yes Mike Viper owners are some what like Vette
> owners. (Very much a not so fair generalization). But definitely better than
> snooty Ferrari owners. The Vipers are very good values because of heavy
> depreciation. For the all around fun factor, a car that is limited in
> production and unique they are hard to beat for the money.
> If you want an unbiased opinion on Vipers go on the PI forum and pm Adams
> Hudson. He owns a Viper GTS, Pantera, 911 and a couple of classic "F" cars.
> He has told me of all the cars he owns the one he feels most comfortable
> taking on a long trip is the Viper. But I think the Pantera is still his
> favorite.
> Great guy shoot him a PM
> Jeff
> #4134
> Atlanta GA USA
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