[DeTomaso] 03/04 Viper NPC

Mad Dog Antenucci teampantera at yahoo.com
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HAHAHA....I can tell Mikey has a running Pantera again
Mad Dawg Antenucci 
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Thanks for sugar-coating that, Mike.
I too, can't stand the sound of a Viper. LOVE the looks, though. AND, it's a 
Dodge. A friggin Dodge. I shouldn't complain too much about my Dodge because 
my POS Denali ($85k) is on a flatbed once a month.
The Viper is for my brother who is going through a midlife thing....
Btw, at the local car show last night, the crowd was around my Pantera, not 
the Vipers:)
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Will wrote:

I'm in the market for an 03/04 Viper convertible. Anything negative I
know about these cars?

>>>Yes.  Everybody who ever sees you going down the road will assume
you're a douchebag because you're driving a Viper convertible. :>)

Also, they sound just like tired old UPS delivery trucks.  If I had to
drive a car with an exhaust note like that, I'd shoot myself.

Other than those totally subjective criticisms, I don't know anything
specifically good or bad about those cars, because I don't know anybody
who owns one of them.

Or would even consider owning one of them.

Or would even consider knowing somebody who owns one of them. :>) :>)



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