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It may not have made a difference but doesn't the Virginia City Hill Climb 
sanctioning body require 'full 6-point roll cage or just a roll bar?

When I ran the Pantera in Mexico they changed the rules to add the roll cage 
requirement after one of our Pantera guys (forget his name) was killed in 
Ensenada Road Race (Jack-Mike??) 10 years earlier... he reportedly went off the 
road in the Pantera on a turn with just the roll bar and went down an embankment 
and landed on his roof.   The same rule applied for the La Bufadora Hill Climb 
when I ran that....everyone needed a full roll cage. 

Its not the fall that kills you....its the impact 

Mad Dawg Antenucci 
Team Pantera Racing 
The 1st & still the only vintage race team in open road racing 

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FWIW, we had a death at the Virginia City Hillclimb outside Carson City 
(now with a changed name & new sanctioning body) over the weekend. Young guy in 
a Porsche Turbo drove off the side of the mountain at pretty high speed. 
Seat belt, shoulder harness & current full-face helmet still left him DOA at 
the bottom. Dunno what actually did the deed- no fire, anyway. Gotta know 
your (and your car's) limitations... J DeRyke

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