[DeTomaso] Clutch problem solved?

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If the clutch pedal is MUCH lighter I'd wonder if the cylinder diameters are different than you had.
This would explain your decreased throw also.


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Tom wrote:
Since I replaced the MC and slave, my clutch feels much lighter than it 
efore.   My clutch was always real heavy with the old MC and slave 
remember 15
ear old seals enduring humid midwest summers and long winter storage 
 haven't tried any aggressive attempts to bleed my clutch (again) but 
f the soft pedal could be the result of air in the line?  Right now, 
'm kind
f enjoying the lighter clutch with a car that drives well, so I'm not 
o mess with it.
>>>I'd mess with it.  I think your analysis (air in the line) may be 
orrect, and your clutch throw is probably less than adequate.  You 
ight think it's shifting great, but that could just be the synchros 
orking overtime.
Clutch fluid is cheap.  Keep on bleeding the system until you're sure 
here's no air in there.  Heck, you could even run the same fresh, new 
luid through the system several times rather than just throwing it 
way as it comes out of the bleeder.
Make sure the slave cylinder is oriented with the bleeder nipple at the 
ighest possible position.  I knew of a guy years ago who couldn't get 
 good clutch pedal; he had his slave cylinder mounted with the nipple 
t the 9 o'clock position, and therefore had a big air bubble trapped 
n there without realizing it.
Good luck, and continue to keep us posted! :>)
Mike (cursing his leaking internal hydraulic throwout bearing...)
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