[DeTomaso] Difference between an aluminum radiator and one thatis black

Tomas Gunnarsson guson at home.se
Thu Jun 25 16:50:40 EDT 2009

The tuft testing indicated that at speed the air flow out of the hood vents was marginal though. Stationary the air flow out through the wheel wells is noticeable on my ventless car with the fans running so I think the vents are mainly for decoration. :-)


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> Charles McCall skrev:
>> Asa Jay  
>> In my old 72 Pantera I had no vents, but I laid the radiator forward just
>> enough to squeeze a sucker fan behind. Worked fantastically. 
>> I also seem to remember something about the fact that the hibachi grills are
>> attractive, but not located where they will actaully evacuate hot air? 
> I don't know if they work at speed, but when my monster fan runs, even 
> at whisper quiet speed, there is a considerable amount of hot air coming 
> through the vents.
>> I'm not sure that there is a relationship between laying the radiator down a
>> little bit (to fit a sucker fan behind it) and a vent? 
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> Thomas
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