[DeTomaso] ABS Calipers vs. NON-ABS Calipers- Current Production Euro-Brembo Caliper Pistons

JDeRyke at aol.com JDeRyke at aol.com
Thu Jun 18 03:13:57 EDT 2009

In a message dated 6/17/09 11:59:11 PM, cdifani at pacbell.net writes:

> On a more modern note from your research years, when I was building my 
> brake system in 2005-6, I also tested the pistons in my Brembo calipers.  The 
> four calipers that I had, from the front ends of 1997 Porsche 996 models, 
> all were non-magnetic stainless.
GOOD1 'BOUT TIME, TOO! You're right- all the cars I checked were late ;60s- 
early '80s. 
THanks, Chris- J Deryke

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