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Bill Lewis #4269, member of Space City Panteras/Houston.  I bought my car in 1982, sold it in 1984, emailed POCA with the VIN in 2003, trying to find it.They said it was owned by Willie MacKewen of Redlands, CA.  Contacted him and bought it back in March, 2004.  Trailered it back home to Texas.  And, right now it resides in John Taphorn's garage, while I virtually hand John tools as he weaves his magic.

I'm trying to decide what color to paint it:  flipping a coin between Pearl Yellow and Pearl Orange.

And, my latest mechanical decisions from John, are what to buy for the flywheel, the clutch pressure plate, and the valve covers.  Because time is of the essence (me - I can see the banana peel getting closer in the future), and the fact that I have zero mechanical skills, I am looking real hard at an engine from Keith Craft - the 427 Windsor.

Being an old dog, but learning new tricks daily, I am open to any and all suggestions.

So, being a newby, all I can say is that I am really enjoying my Day-Toe-MAH-Zo Pantera.  And, is that pronounced Pantera, with a long "A" sound, or "Ah" like the Spanish say it?

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> You just did.
> Welcome to the group.
> Just hit Reply-All and tell us about yourself and your car.
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> I joined the list, and get list emails, but do not know how to Reply, or
> to start a New Topic.  Thanks.
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