[DeTomaso] Rear Brakes Install

Asa Jay Laughton asajay at asajay.com
Sun Jun 29 12:12:14 EDT 2008

Yes, it's really cool having the Works on CD, opening up a manual, 
printing the pages and not worrying about making them dirty.  Sometimes 
a person doesn't have all the -correct- tools or gizmos so one has to 
improvise.  The other resource I have used in the past are the technical 
pages on The Pantera Place, which also contain nice photos and good 
descriptions of procedures.  Again, a nice printer, some blank paper and 
one is all set for a good time in the garage.


Asa Jay

Asa Jay Laughton, MSgt, USAFR, Retired

& Shelley Marie
Spokane, WA

1973 Pantera L 5533

MikeLDrew at aol.com wrote:
> Asa Jay/Sean,
> This is one of those rare situations where RTFM is absolutely essential.
> AJ, since you have all the M's you have no excuse not to do your homework 
> ahead of time.   BTW that same advice goes for upright disassembly and 
> reassembly--it is covered in detail in both of them....
> Mike
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