[DeTomaso] Rear Camber Bar

JDeRyke at aol.com JDeRyke at aol.com
Wed Jun 25 12:08:47 EDT 2008

In a message dated 6/23/08 12:00:53 PM, tbaranek at earthlink.net writes:

> And NONE of the aftermarket snug up to the receiving ends to make them any 
> better (and actually make things worse)?
None of the commercial aluminum ones do- they fit exactly like the stocker, 
at higher weight. As mentioned, only the Hall unit- made of square steel 
tubing, powder-coated black, fits tightly into the welded pockets. Any of the others 
could be altered to do so by TIG welding and re-polishing. But to my 
knowlege, no vendor has yet done this as-delivered. FWIW- J DeRyke

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