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FYI they make the elbows in standard and long radius. Standard is what you will find at most do it yourself stores. Go to a plumbing supply house and get the long radius version, they have a lot less flow loss. These may need to be ordered but it is worth the wait. Also if you get street ells then one end is already pipe sized so you do not need to sweat in a section of pipe.
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> In a message dated 6/22/08 2:28:21 PM, wdemelo at cogeco.ca writes: 
> > I laid my rad down and now I'n in need of a couple of 90 deg hoses with ~ 
> > 8" arms. The ID is 1 7/16". I'm having a hard time matching that up here in 
> > the Great White North. Jegs has no stock. I think Gates 20065 would work. > Anyone have a supplier that would have that for me? I've been to 5 parts 
> suppliers 
> > with no luck. 
> > 
> Will, I never use molded radiator hoses for anything and do not recommend 
> them. They cannot (as you're finding out) be located on the road for emergencies 
> and are often of inferior quality anyway. Instead, use 1-1/4" 90 degree copper 
> sweat-solder fittings with a piece of high quality Gates Green Stripe 
> straight hose for each end- the rest of your cooling system should be using this stuff so it'll be consistent, too. The 1-1/4" copper fitting is slightly less 
> than 
> 1-1/2" OD and any 1-3/8" radiator hose can be forced onto it by moistening 
> with hot water. My system has had three of these fittings for 10 years with no 
> fancy beads on the ends either: both radiator inlet/outlets and the return line 
> from the long pipe to the surge tank, positioned just below the crank pulley 
> on the engine. Instead or trying to bead the ends, use double hose clamps and 
> check them yearly for tightness. Any good plumbing supply shop will have the 
> fittings for about $5 each. FWIW- J Deryke 
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