[DeTomaso] Brakes!

Daniel C Jones daniel.c.jones2 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 13:59:51 EDT 2008

Porterfield has R4S (soft), R4 and R4E (endurance) pad compounds,
among others.  The R4S is a soft pad meant to have a coefficient of friction
cold.  That makes it great on the street and autocrossing but they can fade
at elevated temperatures induced by repeated hard stops.

Dan Jones

> This brings me to an interesting question.  I just got my Porterfield
> R4S pads for the Pantera.  A note on the invoice says the R4S pads are
> -not- for racing use.  So does that mean sanctioning bodies won't
> accept them? Or does that mean there is a specific performance
> characteristic that is not suitable to the track?  If a person wanted
> to autocross their driver Pantera, would these be the wrong pads to
> have?  And if so, what would be the better recommendation?

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