[DeTomaso] New Fuse Box Installed

michael at michaelshortt.com michael at michaelshortt.com
Tue Jun 17 10:53:41 EDT 2008

AMEN, do I hear an Amen from the many unwashed amongst us!

Finally, my electrical demon is out, OUT, OUT, OUT I say!

Cast forthwith from the chariot of burning rubber and hellfire!

The new push in fuse box fixed all, I said, FIXED ALL, my Pantera is Saved!

the gauges work, the lights work, the alternator charges, AMEN!

Alas I cannot take the credit as I wimped out and had my mechanic install it
while I was out of town,
his comments were,  "It was one of the nicest aftermarket parts I have ever
seen, the workmanship was excellent and the instructions where first rate"
I wish they made these for the OTHER Italian cars I work on ( he's a Ferrari
guy ).

It must have been,  I was only charged for 1 hour of labor on that part of
the job.

It looks awesome in its' new home, the LED indicators work ( yes I had to
test it ),
no more separate stepchild fuse box for the windows and two extra spaces for
future use.

It was $215.00 ?? well spent.

Rev. Michael "Send your $ here" in Savannah.

Michael L. Shortt
Savannah, Georgia
michael at michaelshortt.com

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