[DeTomaso] DeTomaso up for sale

steven.liebenow at att.net steven.liebenow at att.net
Wed Jun 11 18:42:30 EDT 2008

I believe that it may be too late to get any records.....but perhaps one of our European brethren could be of better assistance.

Why do I say this?  When Roger Brotton and Phil Stebbing were here packing up the Mangusta that I assisted with, one of them mentioned being at the factory and witnessing a huge pile of garbage, or the office area being strewn with old files. One of them had the ability to sort thru some of this and came up with an old Goose parts book of some sort. Turns out we already had copies of this I believe.....

Anyway, if they are selling the buildings, it would typically be the owner's job to clean them out.  When an owner cleans out a building, that typically means dump all the file cabinet contents in the trash, and sell the cabinets at auction, to a dealer, or to a scrap metal dealer. They have no regards for the content....  (I've witnessed this at company shutdowns....workers throwing out thousands of dollars in gold plated parts and optical lasers, to save a $35 cabinet.....  yes I did do some dumpster diving here....!)  Scrap metal being at an all time high, they may even throw away the heavy parts too......!

So, until someone can talk to these guys directly and lay out the request, we are all sorta blowing smoke.....

Charlie! Call them!!!


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