[DeTomaso] Radar Detector Survey

Chris Difani cdifani at pacbell.net
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As a vote for Beltronics, I bought my fiancé a Bel RX65. She's a "quick" driver, and loves the unit. The reason I got the Bel RX65 was due to it's review and test results from the "Radar Roy" web site, http://www.radarbusters.com/   Also now that Escort and Beltronics are one and the same (for the past 4 years), electronically there probably isn't too much difference between the two product lines.

Personally I've got a Beltronics RX75Pro built into my '73L. It comes as a big box of parts, and you install the parts all around the vehicle, then run the included electronic cables from the various antennas, and sensors, all back to a central location where they connect into the "main brain". You can also use that obsolete fan light in the speedo for your radar detector alert light. When you get finished with the RX75 installation, there isn't anything that indicates you have a detector on board. 


Chris Difani
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>I need to pick up a new radar detector.  I used to have an Escort, but have
> heard the Valentines are good as well.
> How about an informal Pantera forum survey on radar detectors:
> What do you have?
> How long have you had it (i.e., how old is it)?
> Why did you pick the one you did?
> Which did you research before you bought?
> What do / don't you like about them?
> Thanks
> Mike Thomas
> Panteras Northwest
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