[DeTomaso] Big Bend Open Road Race 23-26 April

adin at frontier.net adin at frontier.net
Thu Jan 31 12:33:45 EST 2008

BBORR is a good starting event, don't miss this one!

BBORR does have its hazards . . . I would avoid the Demolition Derby,  
and the ritual harassment of Corvette owners, while entertaining,  
usually involves gladiator style free-for-all "discussions" [1] as  
well as the "Pantera drivers stomp" afterwards in the parking lot.

Buzzards, aka TV  [2], are another hazzard.  HOpefully, the officials  
are still scraping road kill (Hint: order the vegetarian at the awards  
dinner) to avoid having these beautiful specimens decimated on the  

ON the plus side, BBORR doesn't have the autograph seeking, corn fed,  
"kissing tech ladies" that make the Nebraska event such a challenge.

David in Durango, obviously addicted and still sporting my demolition  
derby patina

[1] MD ripped a toy Pantera from the sweaty paws of a Corvette driver  
who was willing to break bones to retrieve his prize.
[2] Turkey Vultures

Quoting michael frazier <red3644 at hotmail.com>:

>    The site says it's only 85 days until the race.  If you're   
> planning on coming make you hotel reservations NOW.  It sounds like   
> we may have a good group of Panteras out there again.  We've had 5   
> and 10 cars running before and all the officials and towns people keep
> asking me about coming back.  We've made a big impression on   
> everybody and they love the cars.  I also love harassing that Vette
> group from Colorado during the awards ceremony.  Big Bend starts the  
>  ORR season and I still thinks it's the best.  I can't stress enough
> how great all the people are.  The officials, citizens, racers all.
> All I have to do to get ready for April is build a car with little   
> spare time and no money.  I hope to start putting an engine together  
>  in the next few weeks and then put the rest of the car back   
> together.  The last engine put out about 118hp at the flywheel.  I'm  
>  hoping to get a good 125-130hp out of the new one so I can move up   
> in speed class.  I've won the 100mph group 4 years in a row and I'm   
> trying to get them to make a 107mph class as I think 110mph might be  
>  too big of a jump.  I'll worry about that later.  The biggie is   
> basically building a car in 85 days.  What, me worry?  If I can do   
> it some of you guys can too.  Houston?  Dallas?  Nobody from Dallas   
> has ever made it.  Is there a
> Dallas group anymore?  Anyway, just be there.
> Michael
> Gruppo Rompiculi Corsa Y'all
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