[DeTomaso] ORR FILM PROJECT - Thank you Larry

Mad Dog Antenucci teampantera at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 16:11:23 EST 2008

I want to thank Larry "Rockhouse" Stock and Pantera Parts Connection for sending Larry Kelsey and I his ORR archives and his movie camera. Larry Stock has some great video of his ORR and track days and his input is greatly appreciated. . .thanks Larry. 
  I also got some good video from Erik "one-shot-one-kill" Belter too this last week as well. Right now Larry "the Falcon" Kelsey's plan is to add some supplemental 2008 NORC film video so if you are going to the NORC/Silver State for the first time in May now is your opportunity to be a super star.  ;-]> 
  I still need (Michael, Steve, etc) some Texas ORR original video to make this effort complete. Again, any shop, tech, pre-or-after party video is all good.
  Thanks guys 

Mad Dawg Antenucci 
Team Pantera Racing 
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