[DeTomaso] 400 Bellhousing

gow2 at rc-tech.net gow2 at rc-tech.net
Thu Jan 17 09:00:03 EST 2008


I don't think I responded to this. Yes and yes. Mine is different and I do
not know the source. Keep in mind though bell housing is only one piece of
the puzzle. There are a few other pieces to the project such as headers,
engine mounts.


>Dear Gary,
>                Is it correct that this new trick bellhousing will permit
>the ZF to bolt right up to the bellhousing for a perfect, no-brainer
>"bolt-on" part to use the standard Ford 400 engine with the ZF in the
>Pantera??    This seems too good to be true.    If I recall correctly you
>are using a different bellhousing than the Meyer unit?
>                              Very interesting,  Chuck Engles

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