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LaurieFerrari at aol.com LaurieFerrari at aol.com
Tue Jan 8 20:24:03 EST 2008

Wow.. what shakes here?  Why forever would I  insult anyone,  Naw.. this is 
the new pacifistic  Laurie.  I was just making a public service  announcement; 
you know like a non-profit SS infomercial. I'm  sure MD would love to recruit 
more women for Dr. Larry's video. 
I was hoping for someone female to get off her duff and  get motivated. Most 
especially the ones who claim to race; if  that'd be you, then you know it.  
Try and you'll see; the Open Road is  glorious.. it's purely driving in God's 
country.  You can  be going 120-130++ and it feels like it's 25. That race does 
 something to the psyche and morale that no other type racing can  do...  
Well, wait a sec., except for Off Road Racing.. as I did have a  rare opportunity 
once to get a ride with the famed (sadly departed)  racer and McMillan team 
owner, Corky McMillan (of the Desert Series).  Now  that was some kind of 
incredible too!!!!!  
No insult to anyone personally but I should think there would be  at least 
ONE Pantera women who will dare try this and help make  more Pantera history? 
Just enjoy yourself and don't let  my presence deter you. I'll stay home and 
read all about you on the SS  website.  Making way for a better Pantera tomorrow, 
this way  --------------->   
Careful...she's faster then you slacker! ;-]>
I go one email response from one of the poca wo-men who is the wife of  
someone I am not going to mention but she totally took Laurie's email as this  
insulting message directed personally at her ;-0
When I wrote her back to invite her she and explain that Laurie was just  
'mad-dawging' the List this broad wrote back and said she would NEVER go  to any 
ORR Laurie was at....geez thats good news....would hate it if she showed  up 
while we were trying to have a good time ;-]>
MD, King of Slackers

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