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JDeRyke at aol.com JDeRyke at aol.com
Fri Jan 4 23:43:23 EST 2008

What I've done is to spin the pushrod between thumb & forefinger while 
tightening the rocker adjust. Doing this, you can tell exactly when there's drag on 
the spinning pushrod and that becomes your starting point. Then adjust as 
req'd- for 'stock' settings, turn 1 full turn in which centers the hydraulic 
piston in the lifter. For 'performance' turn 1/4 turn in. Doing the 1/4 turn 
setting can sometimes allow an extra 200 rpms with the same cam timing. Other times, 
it turns out to be too close to zero and that lifter will rattle, making you 
repeat the exercise. Once done, start the engine and listen for rattles. Then 
pull one valve cover and readjust as req'd. You should be able to finish one 
head before the smoke and hot oil spraying your hands drives you out for a 
break. A 10 minute cooldown won't seriously change the settings- time to replace 
valve cover #1 and pull cover #2 for its check. The pushrod-spinning also works 
for fast-bleed lifters. 
Two pitfalls with roller rockers: the rocker axle on the stud absolutely must 
be oriented with the flat area facing upwards. If put on upside down, the 
adjusting nut won't hold its setting no matter what you do 'cause the nut base 
will progressively sink into the rounded shaft. Second, get the nut adjustment 
just about correct, tighten the setscrew in the middle and with pressure still 
on the setscrews allen wrench, tighten the nut an add'l 1/8 turn. Trying to 
lock the nut with only the setscrew will tear the hex out of it before you get 
the assembly tighjt enough. Good luck- J DeRyke

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