[DeTomaso] Parts for sale

Kjetil Finne kjetfinn at online.no
Fri Jan 4 13:08:54 EST 2008

Hi Guys 


I have some parts which are just taking up place on my shelves.

It's free to put parts on eBay this week for newbie's but I thought I'd
check the interest on the forum first. (never sold stuff on e-bay before)


Here is the short list:

*	Left hand Headlight bucket early type. (a bit smaller than the later
*	Left hand early front chrome bumper.
*	Front a-arms all four in excellent condition.
*	Original seats reupholstered in synthetic leather. (only for sale in
Europe as it would be impractical to ship overseas)
*	Headlight raising mechanism. (Motor, gear, bar,)


That's it for now. Please let me know asap if any off these items are off



Best Regards





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