[DeTomaso] Ammeter and voltage regulator question

Daniel C Jones daniel.c.jones2 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 14:02:27 EDT 2007

> See if you can move the fan/pulley on the alternator. If you can the belt
> needs tightening. The belt and pulleys may also be hard and glazed and just
> slipping. It is still slipping as the r's go up, but it is spinning enough
> to make it charge.

I've had the cover off but I forget if I inspected the belts.
Come to think of it, I've heard a squeaking back there on occasion.
I was wondering if it was the water pump bearing but it could be
the alternator.

> What you need is an analog volt meter (big old faction gauge) to watch
> as you drive the car. This will tell you what is going on. You should
> be at 14.5 VDC when it is charging at max.

That's the plan for today after work.

> Now remember this is a 30 year old car that sounds dam stock. Clean the
> battery terminals. Clean all the ground points. Clean all the charging
> connections. A bad battery can cause a non-charging like this too.

I cleaned the battery terminals and the ground in the front trunk.
The car would barely start when I got it but it now cranks over fine
and starts immediately.  I'll check the ground at the back too.

> If you still think it is the voltage regulator you can bypass it and put the
> alternator into full charge mode. Turn off the engine and remove the voltage
>  regulator connector. Connect a jumper wire between the "A" and "F" terminals
> of the plug then start it up. You should see 14.5 VDC at the battery, if you
> do not see it there, try it at Bat. terminal on the alternator.


> Larry (carry jumper cables) - Cleveland

Will do.  I was planning on driving it 100+ miles tomorrow morning
to check out a Mangusta for a possible buyer.  The Mustang is on the
lift, waiting on a fuel line fitting to come in from California.  I
could take the TR8 but it's got an annoying lifer tick (previous
owner installed Rhoads lifters) that I need to do something about.

Dan Jones

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