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You may consider running the lines from the forward heating tubes through 
the front bulkhead to the heater core.  This way in the summer, you do not 
have convection heat emanating from those lines passing through the cabin . 
Instructions are located at the Space City website.

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>     During my previous extensive search for the tin worm,  I removed the 
> hard heater lines that run thru the tunnel in the cab. I figured that I 
> didn't really need the heater,  I was WRONG!  I have frozen my ___ off 
> more than once since that modification was made.  By the way,  I didn't 
> find any rust in there and I doubt many cars would suffer from it in that 
> area.  Now I want to get my heater going again so I am planning to run 
> some type of line in the old location. The engine is out of the car,  so 
> that will help.  What I need to figure out is,  what kind of material to 
> use?  Copper tubing,  galvanized,  PVC,  stainless,  rubber,  rubber hose 
> with armor?  Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Art
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