[DeTomaso] Heater Lines

Art Stephens artstephens at charter.net
Thu Sep 27 20:33:09 EDT 2007

     During my previous extensive search for the tin worm,  I removed the hard heater lines that run thru the tunnel in the cab. I figured that I didn't really need the heater,  I was WRONG!  I have frozen my ___ off more than once since that modification was made.  By the way,  I didn't find any rust in there and I doubt many cars would suffer from it in that area.  Now I want to get my heater going again so I am planning to run some type of line in the old location. The engine is out of the car,  so that will help.  What I need to figure out is,  what kind of material to use?  Copper tubing,  galvanized,  PVC,  stainless,  rubber,  rubber hose with armor?  Any thoughts?


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