[DeTomaso] headlight housing question

Mark McWhinney msm at portata.com
Thu Sep 27 15:27:11 EDT 2007

That's great.

Have you had a chance to test them out at night on the road?

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I just drove down to Auto Zone this afternoon and presto--I purchased and 
installed two new Sylvania lights right in the parking lot!

I think this may be the first project on that car where something didn't 
break and lead to five more jobs before the original was done!

Thanks, Doug, for the tip.



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>Ah, I thought my housing with separate bulb setup was stock.
>I upgraded my bulbs to the Silverstars a couple of years ago.  It one of 
>easiest and cheapest upgrades for your Pantera.  Ditto for your street 
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>	This depends on what brand of lamps you have there.  AFIK DeTomaso
>sealed beams, not housings with separate bulbs so what you have is likely
>not stock.  An inexpensive alternative is to use sealed beam halogen
>Silverstars by Sylvania.  I can show them to you on my MACH1 tomorrow 
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>Does anyone know if I can get the light bulb lenses for my early '72 at a
>local auto parts store?  Is there a cross-reference part number to another,
>more common car's lenses I can use?
>When trouble-shooting a high beam that wouldn't work (turns out it was a
>wire that became disconnected at the fuse box) I took out both headlights
>and found the previous owner had over-tightened the headlight mounting ring
>and cracked both glass housings.  I hadn't noticed it before.  The halogen
>bulbs are fine, but I'd like to replace the glass lens/housing on both
>I can continue to use what I have, but I don't like having cracks in my
>Thanks for your help.
>Chris #2813
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