[DeTomaso] Possible club/list/forum 351C dyno project?

Daniel C Jones daniel.c.jones2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 18:25:06 EDT 2007

> Forgive me if this isn't what we're trying to acheive, but the variables
> here could be huge.

Very true.  We won't be testing every combination.  Once I have a list of
parts in front of me and a budget, I'll put together several potential
test sequences.

> FWIW, I'd love to see the testing follow gradual simple changes first -
> headers, carb, intake manifold, carb spacer, electronic ignition...
> Then progress onto bigger changes - heads, cam & lifters, etc.
> The October 2006 issue of HotRod magazine did an article following a similar
> process - "Junkyard Jewel: Pontiac 400" - and it was great to see just how
> much hp they could massage out of a "tired" 400.

That's a pretty good approach.  With our cylinder head and intake manifold
choices we can branch off in multiple directions.  Exactly how many paths
we choose to explore will depend upon the budget.  We could start with a
flat top piston short block with CJ cam and open chamber 4V heads.  Do the
simple changes then switch to the closed chamber heads followed by a cam
change or two.  Then start testing the 4V intake manifolds.  Or we can split
the intake manifolds into two sets, one to be tested with the mild cam and
the other to be tested with the hotter cam.  Once the hot 351C-4V is dialed
in, we can try things like intake and exhaust port stuffers.  Follow that
with a swap to high port heads and intake.

> I think before we started it would be best to prescribe some goals - for
> example, are we trying to get max hp? streetability? torque?

I'd like to see 3 design points, around which the tests can be structured:

1. Mild 351C-4V
Optimized to give good throttle response and fuel consumption while still
making enough power to have fun with on the street.  Refer to Vizard's
"Performance with Economy" book for ideas.  The resulting engine could be
used in a Pantera or a heavier car (Mustang, Torino or Cougar, perhaps)
with an automatic transmission (assuming a bit of a stall converter).

2. Hot street 351C-4V
A hotter engine that can still be street driven.  Would be optimized to
take advantage of the Panteras gearing.  Something like Vizard's 350 SBC
in the current Popular Hot Rodding magazine.

3. As above but with C302B heads and intake

This could be expanded to include CHI 3V heads or 2V heads if budget permits.
I actually have two similar 0.030" flat top piston short blocks to play with,
if need be.

Dan Jones

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