[DeTomaso] Possible club/list/forum 351C dyno project?

John Bentley (jab) jab at cisco.com
Wed Sep 19 14:14:46 EDT 2007

Count me in for both cash and parts.  What do you need?


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Subject: [DeTomaso] Possible club/list/forum 351C dyno project?

Would anyone be interested in donating (cash) or loaning (parts) to a
club/list/forum 351C dyno project?

I recently picked up a spare 351C engine that was promised to me when
I purchased my white Pantera last year.  Once back at the shop, I
resist pulling it apart.  It looks like the engine was recently rebuilt.
It has closed chamber 4V heads, though they still have the infamous
valves.  The timing chain is tight and the oil pan and pump are clean.
The piston tops and chambers have some carbon but it's thin enough I can
read the L2379F 0.030 stampings in the TRW flat top forged pistons.  I
didn't notice any ridge at the tops of the bores.  Has a Mellings M84AHV
(high volume, standard pressure) oil pump.  The connecting rod balancing
pads are shiny, leading me to believe the engine was balanced when it
rebuilt.  This engine could be freshened up and fitted with stainless
one piece valves relatively inexpensively.  However, I plan on building
a second stroker with high port heads for that Pantera and really don't
have much use for this engine.  I was thinking about what to do with it,
when the idea of a dyno mule occurred to me.  I've recently dyno'd a
couple of 408C strokers and posted the results here.  Something similar
could be done with a 351C.

I have an extensive collection of 351C cylinder heads including iron
open chamber 2V (real 351C as well as 351M/400), Aussie closed chamber
2V, open chamber 4V, closed chamber 4V and A3/C302/C302B aluminum high
ports.  I also have a selection of intake manifolds to match, several
spare blocks, and many other bits.  What I propose is that I supply the
dyno mule engine and run the dyno tests over the winter until the money
runs out.  I've helped a number of you to put together engine
based upon the data I have on hand.  Here's a chance to greatly expand
that database and answer a lot of questions.  We could pool our
to fill in any gaps in parts that I might have and perhaps approach the
vendors to see if they would be willing to donate or loan parts to the
effort.  I'll summarize all the tests and report here, as well as write
up an article (or perhaps a series of articles) for the POCA and/or PI
newsletters.  I would also measure everything and enter it into a
for use in testing and calibrating dyno simulation software.  This is
an idea at the moment but if there is sufficient interest in pursuing
further, I'll put together a list of the parts I have on hand and also
discuss the project with my dyno guy.  If you think of anything you'd
to see tested, let me know.

Dan Jones

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