[DeTomaso] How do you know?

Doug Braun doug at silicondesigns.com
Thu Sep 13 17:06:44 EDT 2007

This also sounds like what the A-Team had to do to BA to get him on an
airplane.  The question is, who's going to man the needle and who's going to
distract and hold Mad Dog?

Doug Braun

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That unit even recorded their heart rate!
I vote for attaching one of these units to Mad Dawg for the ORR.
We will probably have to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun and then attach
the unit much like studying a Wildebeest on the Serengeti.
I wonder if we could adapt a bore gauge to check the pucker factor thru the


---- Garth Rodericks <garth_rodericks at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Two interesting uses of GPS technology...
>   1. http://cabspotting.org/
>   2. http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/player/3853668
>   This is a mountain bike ride some friends of mine did a few weeks ago.
One of them used a
>   Garmin hand held GPS unit to collect the data. This technology can be
used today if you
>   just stash your handheld GPS unit in the locked glovebox and download
the data once you
>   pick up your car. Also, someone should use this the next time there's a
Pantera road rally
>   or someone travels to/on an ORR or across the country to the Las Vegas
Fun Rally. It
>   would be fun to see the route and progress along the way.  Any runners
or backpackers on
>   this list?  Carry your GPS with you the next time you run a marathon or
hike the back country.
>   Almost forgot...  More info and downloadable client/agent here:
>   Cheers!
>   Garth

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