[DeTomaso] Pushbutton

GW gow2 at rc-tech.net
Wed Sep 12 23:06:03 EDT 2007

Regardless of when Detomaso stamped the brake box it was finished up and 
titled in 1972 and sent to France. The information in the registry is 
not correct because the owner did not enter the information into the 
registry. Some one else guessed.


www.ProvaMo.com wrote:
> Your 1972 pushbutton isn't a 1972.   It's an early 1971 that wasn't sold
> (and 
> thus wasn't titled) until 1972.   Transmogrify the characters in the VIN and
> it will tell you when it was built--probably mid '71.
> The Registry has 1280 listed as a 3/71.  It has 2-slot wheels.  I can't tell
> about the bumpers, as I only have one distant body photo.
> Chuck

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