[DeTomaso] Tricks for removing driveshafts?

Will Kooiman wkooiman at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 6 18:07:29 EDT 2007

Stock exhaust?

Try jacking up the car.  Things move around when you do that.

Try jacking up the engine.

Try cutting the exhaust pipe in half.  No wait, that would be removing the

I guess you could disassemble the half shaft, but it's probably easier to
just remove the exhaust.

Are you trying to remove the half shaft from the engine bay side or the
wheel side?


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Hi all,
I've disconnected the driveshaft from the ZF and from the wheel. It's
completely loose. 
The driveshaft is sort of bone-shaped - skinny in the middle and lumps on
each end. The lumps won't fit through the hole - it interferes with the
I've disconnected the muffler hanger from the exhaust to see if the exhaust
pipe would drop down a little, but it would appear to be pretty well held in
Anybody have any little tricks to remove this puppy without either enlarging
the hole that goes from the engine bay to the wheel well, or disconnecting
the exhaust? 
Thank you!

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