[DeTomaso] Armando Pan - 8 quarts or 10

Will Kooiman wkooiman at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 6 09:16:30 EDT 2007

I run 8 quarts in my "10 qt pan".  I used to see drops in oil pressure
during hard acceleration or long sweeping turns (at moderate speeds).  I
don't see the oil pressure drop anymore.

The instructions to add extra oil were to deal with the limitations of the
stock pan.  Now that you have a good pan, you should be able to get by with

I'm sure someone has filled the pan with it off the engine to see where 8qts
and 10qts reach.  Of course, that all changes once the engine is running and
you start driving around.  Personally, I'm happy running 8 qts since I don't
see the oil pressure gauge drop anymore.


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I've just done the first full oil/filter change on my new motor with an
Armando oil pan.  Are these things 8 or 10  quarts?  I put 8 quarts in, ran
the motor for a while to make sure the new filter was flooded and let it sit
to settle while I was working on something else.  When I checked the
dipstick with the 8 quarts in, it registers just below the full line.
Should I add the other 2 quarts?  I do recall reading that we should run
over what the stick reads, and it reads the same for this pan as the stock

By the by, what experience does the list have with Amsoil Synthetic 10/40.
This is what my builder recommended following the break-in, and what I put
in today.

Thanks in advance!
Mike Thomas
Panteras Northwest 


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