[DeTomaso] gas tank question

Christopher Kimball chrisvkimball at msn.com
Tue Sep 4 13:11:39 EDT 2007

Thanks for the information.

I still think you should double check the plunger arrangement you mentioned. 
  If the valve works the same way as my "ball in the tube" thing, gravity 
would still affect it.    But then again, maybe I have no concept of how 
your plunger system works.  Running the tube as you suggested seems like a 
good idea.



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>In a message dated 9/4/07 9 37 34, chrisvkimball at msn.com writes:
> > So, the moral of the story is to have the little tube pointing "up" so 
> > can pass both ways, but if the car flips, the gas can't come out.
> >
> > I can't believe I'm trying to give you advice!  This is some kind of 
> > backward universe...
> >
>HAHAHAAH!!!!   But it's good advice!
>However, the unit I have (a genuine Ford part, source unknown although I
>bought it from Bobby Byars) doesn't have a ball that rolls horizontally in 
>tube, instead it has a plunger which goes up and down.   So on my unit the
>orientation of the exit pipe is irrelevant.
>But thanks anyway--I'm always happy to receive advice!!!   :>)
>Bobby Byars advised me just now to just run the vent hose between the tank
>and the tank shield, all the way to the ground.   When filling the car, 
>when the
>pump clicks off, don't top it off.   If you run the vent hose to the air
>cleaner and overfill the tank, it will pump the gas into the air cleaner, 
>leading to a fire.
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