[DeTomaso] Ford 460 and zf

Göran Malmberg hemipanter at hemipanter.se
Mon Sep 3 02:12:35 EDT 2007

I mounted my 460 stroked to 500 cui in 1985. I cutted the front part 
of an Ford automatic bellhousing and welded a 8mm sheet alu for a 
meeting to the ZF. It is perfecy to let the alu have an ear for the clutch 
slave. I also used the first 90 dgr header on this motor. Also, dry sump, 
Motorsport heads,  Holley Dominator, Electric waterpump. I have an 
image on my site of the motor on the floor.
http://www.hemipanter.se/ klick "exhaust",
Despite its lenght, as the engine had electric waterpump I could 
use a totally flat firewall. The trans was moved 1,5 inches back. 
The 460 have a light block, 190p. Great together with alu-heads.
however the crank is some 79p.
It is the same family as the 429 motor.

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