[DeTomaso] wiper motor no workee

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Sat Sep 1 13:51:55 EDT 2007

Need some help in tracking down an electrical problem.  
When putting on the fuse box cover panel, an allen wrench was used to try to 
get the cover aligned.  The Allen wrench hit the back side of the fuse box at 
the #8 fuse where the hot wire comes in to the strip and caused a pretty good 
ground and hot wrench with a spark and OOPs.  Now my windshield wipers do not 
work.  They did work the day before. 
I checked the fuses and they all check good.  I took the fuse panel off and 
saw where the wrench had touched.  It was on the back of the fuse panel at the 
#8 fuse (counting down from the top, 12 fuses total) on the hot side.  This 
connection strip puts power to fuses 7, 8, and 9.  All the other powered items 
on that hot connection to 7, 8 and 9, and all other items in car that we have 
checked, work. 
I took the wiper switch out and checked voltage through the different 
connections with the ignition on.  The switch has 4 wires. 
Switch position, orange, blue, green, brown,  
Off, 0, 0, 12v, 0 
Slow, 0, 6v, 12v, 12v 
Fast, 0, 12v, 12v, 0 
All the while the wipers did not move.  I even tried to gently move the 
wipers manually, with no response.  Have not tried to run a hot wire directly to 
the switch. 
On a separate issue.  What started this was replacing a radio fuse.  The 
radio did not work before.  Now with the inline fuse replaced with the wire going 
to #10     fuse, the radio works.  With the #10  fuse out.  The radio face 
light will not work but the radio will work with the ignition on.  It must ground 
through the other items on #10  fuse. 
Whatever occurred in the total event, it has drained the battery.  Not sure 
now if it is the radio or wiper problem.  Have not had a chance to check 
various combinations out yet.  Suggestions as to how to check for a drain. 
How do I get to the wiper motor to check it out or even replace it (so I can 
pass inspection)?   Would like to get some help so I can fix it this week-end. 
Bill Vasser

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