[DeTomaso] Help needed with lower a-arm shaft kit installation

michael frazier red3644 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 1 11:44:27 EDT 2007

  On my last car I put zerks in the upright itself.  While I had everything 
apart and cleaned, I put the shaft in the upright and pumped grease in to 
see how it would be distributed.  When I pulled the shaft out I was 
surprised to see an even coat over the whole shaft.  I used one zerk in the 
middle of the shaft area, but two couldn't hurt.  If you do this, the 
upright is just cast iron and very easy to drill and tap.  Make sure you 
know where the control arm is located relative the upright so that the 
control arm brace doesn't block the fitting when you get it all back 
together.  You could probably do it while all is assembled too.  If your 
lower shafts aren't frozen yet, this could be a good
project for you.  My current car has the modified shaft with the zerks on 
the end.  I'll probably add
zerks to the upright also.
Gruppo Rompiculi Corsa

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