[DeTomaso] someone's been hanging around MD too long... Road Trip and YOU'RE

LaurieFerrari at aol.com LaurieFerrari at aol.com
Tue Feb 27 19:13:37 EST 2007

Asa.. I adore my Pantera, don't get me wrong... but if I want to get  where 
I'm going and back, uneventfully and solo, I take my Vette... if I  want the 
thrill of the Pantera, on a "longer" road trip, I opt  to take either my 
electronic engineer/smog man/mechanic brother Leon  (who played a major role in 
rescuing Bill Hohnhorst's car on this  past weekend's San Diego run) or my American 
Airline mechanic brother  who has done more for me than any human should ever 
expect of another,  including being my navigator for SSCC, and replacing many 
of my major parts,  labor gratis, or I try to grab a lovable mechanic to go  
along for the ride.  If all that fails, rest assured, I do have  the Premiere 
AAA membership, a good cell phone, my membership  roster and some survival 
food always handy.
And BTW.. I think you meant "you're;" have you been hanging  around Mad Dawg 
too long?  : )

Your confusing us with your Corvette friends  again.

Asa Jay

Asa Jay Laughton, MSgt, USAFR,  Retired

& Shelley Marie
Spokane, WA

1973 Pantera L  5533

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