[DeTomaso] Decklid on ebay, not for a Pantera

Greg Landwehr pantera928 at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 26 18:12:10 EST 2007

So what are the dimensions of a Pantera decklid? Mine is in storage or I
would measure it myself.

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Subject: [DeTomaso] Decklid on ebay, not for a Pantera

> Just thought I would pass this a long in case some is thinking of bidding
on this item.
>   This item is listed as a fiberglass decklid for a Pantera:
>   However, someone noted that the measurements are off......the discussion
is here:
>   http://pantera.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/7650045562/m/1250059674
>   Unless the stated measurements on ebay are incorrect, it won't fit our
>   I hope this helps someone.....perhaps someone who wants their z-car to
look more like their p-car.
>   John (procrastinating homework again) Maffeo
>   #2647
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